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The animal shelter - by Mina

The marshmallow challenge - episode 2
The animal shelter using the marshmallow challenge
Hypothesis: I thought it was going to stand up the whole entire time.

Aim: To be creative and make the coolest thing you can think of. You only get about 21 - 25 minutes to make this. You can use these thing as your materials.
             You will need:
  • 2m of tape
  • 13 rubberbands
  • 20 pieces spaghetti
  • 8 marshmallows
  • a timer/clock ( set to 21 - 25 minutes )

The animal shelter
  1. First I said "I just had a brilliant idea"! I said to the group ( Charlie, Tarfah and Carys ). We could make a motel. I went to get a whiteboard and draw out the picture. Once I was done the group really liked so then went over to Mrs Ruffell and got the materials we needed. 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 marshmallow ( when we really used 8 marshmallows ) 2 meters of tape and lots of rubber bands.
  2. Secondly Mrs Ruffell started the timer. 3, 2, 1 AND GO!!! The timer had started and we started to build the base of the motel with the spaghetti and I snapped a few pieces in ½. Next we had to stick the spaghetti to the base. We had to wait a few seconds then it precariously started to fall. Suddenly it broke to pieces ( at least the base didn't ) and we had to start all over again. Soon enough Charlie had a great idea.
  3. Thirdly Charlie said she had a great idea " we could use marshmallows to stick on the ground". I liked the idea, so did Carys and Tarfah. So then we asked Mrs Ruffell if we could have 3 more marshmallows and Luckily she said "Of course you can". So then we were starting to stick the marshmallows with the tape onto the ground. After we were finished with sticking the marshmallows to the ground we started jutting the other bits of spaghetti into the marshmallow and we had to stick different pieces in and some were a bit uneven.
  4. fourthly all we had to do was make the roof. It was pretty hard to make the roof. Soon enough Mrs Ruffell came around with some rubber bands and we used them to make the roof by tying the rubber bands on the spaghetti and sticking tape on top of it. We examined it out with a long piece of spaghetti but in the end it just ended up breaking. Soon enough Charlie said " I've got an idea, we could use marshmallows and stick them on top of the 4 spaghetti sticks and then stick the long pieces of spaghetti inside the ousey sticky marshmallow".
  5. I kind of thought that if there is enough space left on the marshmallow we could put a long piece of spaghetti across it and then it can be like 2 windows. After that I told the group and they liked the idea. So then we started to do that thing. But soon enough we came across quite a big problem, we didn't have a long enough piece of spaghetti. So then we had some emergency tape left over and we used that. Luckily we had enough tape, but we still had rubber bands leftover. We thought we could tie them into little bows and turn them into pets.
  6. Soon enough I said " we could turn this into an animal shelter "! The building was finished so we needed to make the animals with the rubber bands. We were almost finished when had to get about 3 more rubber bands. The group and I grabbed some rubber bands and made a few more animals with the rubber bands. Finally the creation was a complete success and it was stupendous!!! We told Mrs Ruffell and she was amazed to the animal shelter that we had made in that time. That was how we made our animal shelter😅😅😅!

The conclusion
At the end once we finished making the animal shelter the group had to upload some images that Mrs Ruffell sent to Charlie. While we were doing that the tower precariously started to fall down and I thought it would stay up the whole time, but I was wrong. This was just an experiment with using half of recount and half of description
​  The End!!!

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I love your blog post about the marshmallow challenge. I wish our school got time to do something cool like this because it looks like so much fun. Keep up the good and amazing and interesting work. And your teacher to Miss Campbell.

    He pārekareka ki a koutou ra


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