Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ninja Thomas and the jungle chase of danger

At midnight ninja Thomas woke up because he heard someone sneaking around his house. Thomas followed him to the jungle. Ninja Thomas lost him but he did see him go into the cave. But to get to the cave he had to go over dangers things like crocodile swamps. He went to one swamp and saw some vines and swinged to the other side of the swamp. Then he came to another swamp and there was no vine so he jumped on the crocodile heads until he got to the other side. Then a tiger came and attacked ninja Thomas but Thomas did a flip over the tiger and then kicked the tiger in the butt. Then he went into the cave to find the bad person. The cave was dark but he saw the person sitting near a light with ninja Thomas`s weapons the bad guy went to the toilet. Then ninja Thomas got the weapons then went back home.

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