Monday, 16 November 2015

I'm a firework By Lily R

I wait on the side of the road to be bought by a stranger.
I see someone coming but they took another firework.
Someone else came and finally took me Put me in a big dark box. I think they were driving me home. I wondered why I wasn't light up yet. I realised it wasn't dark yet. I waited and waited. It is now time to show my specialty.
KA - BOOM ! I go up in the air I see the beautiful city. I am gorgeous. I am red, green, blue and purple. Everyone was looking at me thinking I was pretty. I  saw over amazing fireworks while I was in the sky. It wasn't long before I fell into your home. I can't wait for next time I go up and be a new firework with exciting colours.


  1. Wow Lily, I really like all the detail you have used in this piece of writing. Remember to re read your writing before posting it to the blog. What is your firework name?

  2. Hi Lily, I think that you have put loads of thinking into this piece of writing. I love all the details in it, they really stand out. Keep on doing great pieces of writing I love reading them!

  3. Hi Lily R,
    I really liked your firework writing. It was cool how you described all the colours to me. I felt like I was the firework.

  4. Hi Lilly R. I like your poem. It sounds amazing. I felt like a firework when I read your story.
    Were you higher than the clouds?


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