Thursday, 5 November 2015

Yellow By Lily R

            by Lily R

   On yellow days
        I feel happy
     like melting butter
on chocolate chip pancakes
on cold foggy mornings



  1. Hi Lily R,
    I like chocolate pancakes as well especially when it has melting butter on top, Chocolate pancakes on foggy mornings will definitely make me feel very yellow.

  2. Hello Lily R, i like chocolate chip pancakes too ! i think yellow makes me feel happy as well.

  3. Hi Lily R
    I wrote about yellow too, go have a look

  4. Hi lily.R,
    I like your poem and sometimes I feel like that

  5. Hallå Lily
    I feel happy on yellow days to and chocolate chip pancakes with melting butter on it to maybe you could make a pitcher in the background.

  6. Bonjour Lily,
    I like how you are adding all these different descriptive words which makes me get a really good picture in my mind. I see you are connecting to some of your previous times on foggy days with pancakes. My poetry isn't too good maybe you be an expert for me, could you?

  7. Hi Lily.R,
    I liked how you used describing words. It was really interesting and it drew a picture in my head.

  8. Hi Lily R
    I like you wrote about yellow. It was about how you feel and what you imagined and you used adjectives.


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