Thursday, 12 November 2015

Marae Noho by Lennox King

Marae Noho
By Lennox King

In the weekend I went to a Marae Noho with my Dad. The Kapa Haka  group came for a sleepover too.
First we got welcomed onto the Marae and people spoke. We touched noses after Brian spoke. Then we sang songs and ate food. I had lots of cake!
The night was not fun. We had to stay outside while the people were making the beds and it was cold. We couldn't find our sleeping bags and our bags because they mixed them up.
I got to sleep at midnight, so half the night awake and half the night asleep.
The next morning we were awake early because everyone was jumping over our sleeping bags. The little ones fell on us.
Then we had breakfast and I had  a Milo and toast, and scrambled eggs.
After breakfast we packed up, but we stayed a little bit longer and went home in the afternoon.
I felt extremely happy!

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  1. Lennox this story is amazing and I'm so proud of you!


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