Monday, 16 November 2015

Noguard story By Oscar F

Once upon a time there 
was a nogard he lived in a cave. He is shy, scared of snakes and being by him  self.  The Nogard  is  evil & unhappy because he  was stuck in his cave. 
His feet were  stuck in mud and slimy jelly. His friends came to help him but they got stuck 
Too. Suddenly there was an blew up. all of them shouted help help help then he pushed the boulder and he got
Out of the slime and the bolider cracked and he was free & he is  happy now
and he's friends name is clone 
And pechew and squel darth vader they had to 
Work hard.


  1. Hi Oscar F, your Nogard piece of writing is really detailed. The part that was detailed really well is the part at the end where you said all of the Noguard’s friends names. Did you draw his friends or you get the photo on the internet?

  2. Hi Oscar F, your story was really nice. I like the storm trooper and darth vader characters that you have used in your story


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