Friday, 6 November 2015

Blue by Hailey T


  1. Good morning Hailey,
    Your poem reminded me of how I would feel if I saw Tane Mahuta, the giant kauri tree, chopped down. I would definitely feel blue.

  2. Hi Hailey,
    I really like how you used your adjective word scattered that makes a picture in my mind of wood scattered around on the ground. I would feel real sad if it was something really important like our nature. I see that you have been connecting to what you know about nature and what you think will happen if it happened for real.

    Kind regards, Mina

  3. Hi Hailey,
    I like your piece of writing because you used lots of descriptive words,
    I don’t like it when people chop down trees in the wood’s either.

  4. hI hailey, your poem connects well with your picture. I love it!!!

  5. Hi Hailey. Your poem is really cool! My poem is about red and a fire breathing dragon! Is your the setting near the beach?

  6. Hi Hailey,I would feel sad if I saw a tree scattering in the woods. Maybe you should add more detail?


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