Monday, 16 November 2015

The stormy night By Zulfi

The Stormy Night 
by Zulfi

Once upon a time there was a Nogard playing volley ball. Then his friends came and they were playing Volley  ball  three vs three and the teams are called Real Madrid vs Japan.  Real Madrid had the game and they were cheering for Ronaldo.  Ronaldo scored a goal and they were playing under the sea and it was on Saturday.  Bale scored a goal and  the Nogard scored as well.  Real Madrid won the game and they were good at volley ball. They were the best in the sea.  The Nogard's friends lost the game. All of the people went to the shop The Nogard wanted to play with the other people that are good. The Nogard went to get a gaol and to win the game. Real Madrid won the game. Ronaldo was the one that scored in that team.


  1. Great writing Zulfi! I like volleyball too. I like how you came up with all those awesome names like Real Madrid and Rolnardo. Your story’s great.

  2. Hi Zulfi,
    I love your writing because it was really interesting and the title is awesome! Your writing reminded me when I drew a Nogard and it also reminded me when I played volleyball at the beach! How did you make that picture?
    From: Aashna in hub 1 and 2.


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