Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wrecking Disco Ball by Joe Y

       Wrecking Disco Ball
In a secret location in Australia there was a secret disco. Henry and Joe were dancing to try get a super dancer prize.What they didn't know was the disco ball was the master of a Dragon and a Snake but the worst part is they have super powers wait to be revealed

Suddenly the disco ball fell down from the ceiling onto the dance floor . The dragon and the rattlesnake were revealed from the disco ball.Joe and  Henry froze "don't look into the rattle snake eyes because he will turn you into solid rock"Joe warned Henry . "Why? I don't see any powers on him" Henry half turned when another person turned around and turned into solid rock

Joe had a bucket of lava ready to pour onto the dance floor. Suddenly the disco ball knocked the bucket of lava out of Joe's hands. Joe went for the bucket of lava Joe finally got the bucket of lava the poured it on the dance floor then the disco ball fell into the lava and dissolved for some strange reason the dragon and snake were dragged into the lava with the disco ball.

The people thought to carry on but they didn't. They shut it down and never had another disco again because the people knew that it would happen again


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