Thursday, 27 November 2014

The amazing firework, by Dan

321 blast off! I'm going as fast as lightning and I make a glittery sparkle. I am the most colourful firework like a rainbow. Crash! I banged in to mars. I am as bright as the sun. Don't touch me I am as hot as a microwave. I am not stopping. I have so much energy like electricity. I don't get cold I am hotter than the oven. I am sparkling in to space like a firework. No more for me I'm turning as black as an black bird. Now it's time to make a colourful firework like a rainbow when I go boom boom! Wee I will not end this. This is so fun. Here I go again. Wee I will go back into space. Yay I am back in space now. I am in mars. I had the best day ever.

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