Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Messed Up Sport

This is Hub 2's 2014 entry for the Manaiakalani Film Festival. 

This film is about a magician who keeps changing the sport his friends are playing. The sports players start playing netball. Netball then turns into basketball. Basketball then turns into soccer and soccer turns into rugby. Finally rugby turns into handball. The magician then puts a spell on the players, making them go to sleep. They wake up very confused as they all remember playing a different sport.

The sneaky magician almost gets away with his plan until he is spotted running away. 


  1. So cool!!!!

    you know I loved it so much that I showed my mum and I watched it over and over again

    great work!!!!!

    Bella!!! :0)

  2. Great movie - well done! Awesome music and best wizard laugh ever!

  3. What an inspirational movie LH2, very creative!

  4. Hi stone fields

    use are sporty I like when there is that witch I liked that the boys were playing soccer and the girls playing netball thank you that was cool by Steven.


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