Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Gruffalo By Zahra

WALHT describe the Gruffalo.

He is a big animal that lives in a jungle.

He has a green wart on his right arm which is hairy and stinky.  He has long pointy tusks. The Gruffalo has blue and red spots on his back.  

He has got very soft fur, it feels like a soft cuddly teddy bear.  

When the Gruffalo is angry he sounds like a furious monster and when the Gruffalo is happy he sounds like a gentle puppy.  

He smells like rotten food because he hasn't had a shower for days, weeks, months and even years!  

The Gruffalo is a dangerous animal because if you try to fight with him, he will pick you up and throw you far, far away!

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