Friday, 18 September 2015

Monster School by Dan V

Once there was a little monster as scary as an adult monster.  The little monster made a monster school for adults. He helped monsters to be scary. He taught them until they were scary enough to scare the people. When all of the adult monsters were good he let them free to scare people. When the little monster was an adult he turned to a beast. He eats monsters for diner. He eats one hundred zombies and people for lunch. He has super thick skin that only one thing can break it. A hundred years later he went to battle and he fought the army. When he went to battle he figured out his weakness that they used on his farther. It was that he didn't survive from the nuclear bombs. He needed more power. When he returned, the people found out his weakness. Then he went to battle and died. The people were happy and could destroy the rest of the monsters with the nuclear bombs. Then when they did it they were all happy and didn't have to worry.



  1. Hi Dan
    I like how you are being creative by thinking what you would really look like. I think that next time you should explain what some of these games are.

  2. I know what are you writing about because I have seen it at home on my ipad.What is your favorite part?

  3. Hi Dan I know what video you are writing about because I have seen it at my home on my Ipad. What is your favourite part?


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