Thursday, 17 September 2015

Penguin and the Bad Situation by Ana L

Penguin and the bad situation
One day Penguin heard the telephone. Penguin picked up the phone and said "Hello".  "Hello penguin" said the man on the phone "I'm offering you a job at the Ice Cream factory". "Yes yes" said penguin in excitement. "Start tomorrow" said the man. Penguin was so excited that he could not stop jumping.It was finally bed time and Penguin went to sleep with excitement .Then the next day Penguin jumped out of bed and got ready and went to his car and drove off.He was running out gas for his car.Penguin was so sad because his car ran out of gas.He was thinking for a minute. "I've got it" said penguin in happiness. Penguin asked everyone around, saying "do you know where the Ice cream factory is?" but no one knew where the factory was, so he walked home and Penguin said to himself sadly "I've failed". But when he looked up he saw the factory was the other way.Penguin ran to the factory and had his interview. Then he got the job and came home happily.


  1. Hi Ana
    I really like the one when Demi Lovato is successful you might be a famous singer if you like her so much. I wonder what your favorite song is?

  2. hi ana
    I like how you you used your punctuation amazingly.I also liked how you made an amazing title


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