Thursday, 10 September 2015

Minions by Lily.H

This is minions, minions are very funny. Once there lived minions but there was a problem because they didn't have a home to live in. So the whole of the minion family went on a mission to find a home to live in. The mission was a little sleepy so they stopped at some places. The places where England, Japan and all different places. Minions are dark blue and dark purple and their eyes are blue or green. The minions live in a candy land, they love eating candy so watch out. Minions love to eat bananas and swim with Scarlet Overkill. Minions love to eat ice cream at a party with their friends and family. They also like music in their party. On the mission the minions didn't have a big boss so  they went find a big boss in the real world. But it was no use to find a big boss. Minions can fly very high to the sun and to space. Then they found a big boss again and the is called Grue.

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