Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hobbiton by Julia T

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On Tuesday my friends and family went to Hobbiton. I felt so excited when I  went to Hobbiton. Before we went to the bus we took pictures and ate ice cream. My flavor of ice cream was strawberry surprise. Then they gave us tickets each. They said 12:30pm. When the bus arrived, my mum gave the tickets to the driver. The driver talked about Hobbiton. He said there are 13 million sheep. When the bus parked Sam gave us a tour of Hobbiton. The fence of Hobbiton has an electric shock. When we took pictures we went over the bridge. There was food on the hay house. When it was ready to go the bus picked us up.Then it was time to go to the car. Finally it was time to go to Skyline. I enjoyed going to hobbiton.

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