Thursday, 28 May 2015

notch by Thomas


Notch was successful at making video games. He had to be determined at programing the games. He had to go to a school to learn how to program and at home. He had to start at making simple games and start going to hard games. Then he made a awesome game it was minecraft. He wanted lots of people to like it so, he put lots of cool stuff in it like portals, that go to the nether and end. When you go to the end you fight the ender dragon and you don`t go back into you kill the ender dragon.
He put lots real thing from our world and not real things like redstone so people would learn how to do new things. He put mods like slimes,skeletons,zombies, creepers,endermen,witches,blazes,wither skeletons,silverfish and ender dragon. He also put animals from our world like pigs,cows,chickens,sheep and bats.
When he he had finished he put it on Xbox360, ipad/ipod/iphone, computer and playstation so you can play on every device. Then he shared it to the world and lots of people liked it. Some people made videos of minecraft to show people minecraft. That is how notch came successful.

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