Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Re: writing!!!!!!!!!!


On the 1st of 2015  I was not so good at writing because I had not so good spelling  and I had not so good liter formation. So I worked on it. First I did little pieces  of writing. It was hard. in a few weeks I got spelling words. After school I had a timer on for 30m how  much writing I could do  it was stressful. I did it as fast as I could. I was happy because I did better than I was the first time.  I improved but I still had a lot to go. In a few weeks  I did  bigger pieces of writing. It was hard to do more pieces of writing. " Mummy  this is  hard." " Ok I will help you." "Ok." One week later. I got there!! I felt Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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