Monday, 18 May 2015

When I became a ninja by Henry W

When I was becoming a ninja this is what happened. The first day a we began to set achievements. The first achievement was to be quiet we did that in the library. Then when we finished it we moved on to the next one. The next one was to travel by shadow we did that by stand in a shadow. Then I realized I had became more sensitive, I now had stronger senses.

Then we made some ninja skills up like the shoulder slam and the battle roll. I practiced the shoulder slam by slamming in to my trampoline at home I practiced the battle role by rolling on my grass at home. Then we practiced karate. I felt like I was getting better.

Finally me and Thomas went on on a play date and we spied on our mum's. we spied on them for one hour and a half. We climbed we set up warning signals we set up traps we were quiet and we blended in. I felt happy because I achieved what I wanted to do.

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