Thursday, 28 May 2015

Notch by Dan

Notch was  successful at programming. He was good at programming because he praised programming at home and school so he can make awesome games like minecraft. One of the most best and famous games was made by Notch.He was one of the most amazing programmers in the world! He started from good to great. So he made games and practiced them to see if they are good or not. He wanted lots of people to like the game so he made it as cool as he could so he made portals to the nether and the end portals and lots of bosses like the wither and ender dragon so when someone played his games they would like it. He was very determined and he put lots of hard work in his games and made famous games like minecraft. In his games he made lots of stuff in minecraft like mobs he made it so you can play it on computer,iPod,iPad,iPhone,Xbox,phone,tablet and play station. We can play without intent and he made crafty Steve he is great at programming in minecraft he put in stuff that is real and not real stuff so people can learn new stuff like red stone and made up stuff but already have a name like skeletons and creepers. Creepers were meant to be pigs but it didn't come out right so he made it a creeper then he made a pig. He made it because it was a mistake with the pig then he practiced some more and then made it.And that how he became successful.

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