Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Learning to rockclimb by Isabelle

Learning to rock climb

I was half way up to the top, but then I looked down at the floor and was terrified of the height.  I looked up and saw how close I was to finishing. Then I was concentrating on the finish and I started to carry on. I got to a hard bit the rock was farther away and I couldn't go to any other rock they were all pretty far away so I had to stretch myself to reach the rock.I finally got hold of the rock I held on tightly so I didn't fall of. next I looked around at the other rocks to see which one was going to be the best.I chose quickly and hurried along.I was so close to finishing when I had a problem the rock was to high I was stretching and stretching I was feeling like I was about  let go of the rock that I was holding on to when finally I got hold of the rock I held on tightly and touched the roof very softly.I felt so happy because it was my first time doing it in the adult area and I succeeded .I lent back and mum let me down it was so nice having a rest.I touched the floor and stood up.mum gave me a high five and said " well done". My dad also gave me a high five and he said" you were amazing. I told my mum I wanted to do another one. I was so happy.


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