Tuesday, 5 May 2015

cinderellas fabulus fairy god mother by Riley B

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Cinderella fairy godmother
Facing straight to the screen without blinking, I'm  shocked
The screens bright well I'm eating lollies out of the party pack, watching the best part of the movie when the fairy god mother turns the mice into horses,  lizards into step men, the pumpkin into a carriage, of course the goose into a coach men. my eyes  got brighter and brighter I was surprised what the fairy god mother had done . I looked to my Nana and my sister they were watching and eating lollies (fudge and party packs) I looked back to the  screen and saw the most best and fabulous thing happen Cinderella fairy god mother turned Cinderella, Ragged dress into a beautiful blue dress with delicate butterflies and then, one puff of her wand there was  glass slippers on Cinderella feet.

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