Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scared in a Pure Dark Place - Laser Strike

I'm waiting for someone to shoot me in a pure dark place.

I'm feeling so much fear that someone or something is there, I can't see anything but dark, I felt really scared that I was flowing with fear.

I shout out their name " Jayden (Cousin), Bob (Uncle)"still silence but then I felt that someone was about to shoot me so I get to cover as quiet as I can like i'm playing hide and seek, I'm the hider and their the seeker, I thought they will follow the sound that I made but they didn't, at the same time I feel really scared that someone's going to shoot me.

I'm waiting for someone to find me but nothing, i'm trying to find the cover where they usually come through finally I found it I run over their quietly I peek over both sides first the right and then the left I found Jayden on the left.

I felt so relieved and I didn't feel anymore fear.    
The End

By: Jahvan N

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