Thursday, 7 May 2015

Spiders by Mikayla

Apply Understanding!
8 legs
fascinating spiders  
can survive anywhere
can spread dzez  
can survive in water if food around
some spiders can kill humans
make webs to catch food
have pozin inside them

they are feis when they are feis they are scary they have 8 legs they catch enemies in there webs spiders cil in different ways they use webs to catch enemies they can spread dzez  to anything can survive anywhere. there are fascinating spiders because they can survive in water if there's food around. some spiders can kill humans if you are not cefl. make webs to catch food.spiders have pozin inside them.



  • find and summarise information by: skimming and scanning, identifying keywords, by using sub-headings
  • take effective notes by: identifying the key points, summarising, remembering what part the no
  • tes relate to, writing quickly

Build knowledge!

Guided Lesson:

Write your notes here from our practice with the Earthworm video and text
eth wimes find another eth wim and glow themselves together and then they go into a crown.
there a million  earthworms
we don't see earthworms very often
the north auckland worm  can grow up to 1.3 metres long.
tiger worm prefer to live in compost heaps and worm farms.
the grey worm is the most common earthworm in new zealand

Make Meaning!

Follow up:
  • Watch the video about ants
  • Write your notes below
  • Use  your notes to write a summary

swim in water  

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