Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Cinderella by Charlie H

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I knew the happy ending was about to come. I looked at my grandma she was amazed that  mice were jumping on the lock.she was amazed that only four mice could open the window. cinderella was still singing and the prince heard her song and so the prince asked has your cat learnt to sing? cinderellas step mother was about to talk but a meowww  interrupted her.(I was just loving this move.)I looked back at to see my grandma laughing at what the prince had said.


  1. Hi Charlie H
    I like your writing it was entertaining and I liked the faces in your writing it really refreshes my mind because
    I watched cinderella a long time ago

  2. Hi charlie H,
    I like your writing about cinderella because you are showing their feelings and I liked your faces. I have watched the movie to.


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