Monday, 18 May 2015

stopping my ears from popping - Mina

Stopping My Ears From Popping

I was on the airplane and there was an amazing view. There were hills and farms and houses. I was doing some coloring until my ears started hurt and to pop! My Mum told me some strategies that I could use. There were 3 things she thought of: Holding my nose and making a chipmunk face, not to think about my ears ( That worked the best). Finally the last one is swallowing the leftover spit in my mouth. That worked a little bit but not a lot. My ears sounded like they were about to erupt. I wrote down those ideas in one of my books that I had in my suitcase. Then I chose carefully to which strategy I should use first. I chose holding onto my nose and making a chipmunk face. But that didn't really work. After that strategy I chose a different one because it didn't really work. So I tried swallowing the spit in my mouth. That worked a little bit but not that much. Soon enough I had 1 more strategy and I hoped it better work. It was not to think about my ears. Finally I got the perfect idea that I had to do! Later on we were still on the plane and my ears started to pop. Soon enough I started to panic and I thought what should I do? I remembered the idea's I had in my mind. I used the BEST one ( not to think about my ears ). Then I did what I had to. I waited a little bit and then suddenly it worked. Finally my fears of my ears popping were over. It was a remarkable relief!
The End!

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  1. Hi Mina,
    I really liked how you used adjectives. I also liked how you used different stratigies to know which one works best for you


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