Friday, 1 May 2015

Easter day 2015 by Nathan L

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first i drove to my Poppie and nannies house. next we had lunch then we went to set up the beds. then at dinner time we had pizza hut. 1 day later it was Easter day i got 2 decorated Easter eggs. a cute soft toy rabbit i called him snowy because he is white. i got lots of chocolates and a decorated egg of a bunny. then we put up the tent later that day i met up with my cousin Jesse  and played with her at a playground and a beach. and then we found crystals. then we went back. then we went to bed. the next day we drove home.  i was so excited to be home.the end by Nathan.

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  1. I liked reading about your Easter holiday, Nathan. You have put your ideas in a great order, but your next challenge is to use some words other than 'then'.
    What else could you use?


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