Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Information report by Bella P

WALHT: write an information report about someone or something successful

What is an information report?: An information report is a report with facts about someone or something. An information report  has a specific order:
First you say what the person has been successful at
Seconly you say facts about the person and explain why it helped them to reach success
Then you give your final comment (conclusion) - says what has happened because of the process of their success

Here is my information report about Lorde!


At just 18, Lorde has been successful in singing and she is now famous.
She reached this by using lots of skills and strategies.

This famous musician was born on November 7 in 1996 and at the age of five, she joined a drama group and developed public speaking skills. She would have needed to have those lessons first to get into the habit of drama and speech so she would feel more confident on stage.

In May 2009, Lorde and her friend Louis McDonald won the Belmont Intermediate School  talent show as a duo, This means she has become a good singer but still may need a little more practise

Then, in 2011, a company hired vocal coach Frances Dickinson to give Lorde singing lessons twice a week for a year. She also would need these lessons to learn how to sing properly not scratchy (also because I would think that if I wanted to be a good singer, I would want those lessons.) By the time her 18th birthday came she had made around $11 million dollars. This is a BIG mark of success. Then not long after that, she did her first soundtrack for Mockingjay.

If I was Lorde, I would feel so impressed with myself!
Because of her success, her singing dream is a success!

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  1. Hello Bella, I like your small details, and your idea if you were Lorde. Do you know what skills she had to use to be a good singer ?


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