Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Japan Trip by Flynn

Day 1 The first thing I did was go to the temple in Narita in Japan. It was ancient there were heaps of people .

 Day 2 We flew to Fukuoka for a wedding. My uncle Toby married Tomoko and I also dressed up as a samurai.

 Day 3 I pretended to be a samurai with sunglasses and we saw on the mountain there was a little house with an alarm.

 Day 4 Disneyland At Disneyland first we went on the monorail to Disneyland and then we did the Star Wars ride where it was very much like you were in the galaxy fighting for your life. This is Splash Mountain I look like I am having a lot of fun and mum got splashed a lot I mean a lot.

Day 5 Disney Sea At the start of day five we took a photo with Goofy and my mum took a photo of Donald Duck and Pluto because they were going home. My favourite ride was Indiana Jones and you rode around in a jeep.

 Day 6 Then we went on the train to Tokyo and went up the Skytree. Then we started taking photos at the top. Then we were tired so we went back to the bottom of the Skytree.

 Day 7 After shopping at the Disney shop Bon Voyage we went to the hotel and this is our hotel. I hope you liked my story.


  1. So happy and proud my cute little nephew (Flynn san) was able to attend our wedding in Japan. It was such a special and memorable time, we were blessed to enjoy with close family.

    Love you (to the moon and back)

    Toby and Tomoko Wilson.

  2. Hi Flynn. Sounds like you had a very exciting and fun trip to Japan. I loved ready your blog. You are a very good writer. Lots of love from Chris and Graeme in Australia


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