Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mid Winter Christmas Tree Challenge

Today we had another collaborative challenge! We had so much fun collaborating with each other to successfully build a christmas tree in only 8 minutes!

We had to create a mid winter christmas tree for our hub using the following materials:

2 metres of tape
2 metres of string
5 colours of A4 paper
1 square of tinfoil
10 sheets of A1 newspaper

Our success criteria was:

The christmas tree is able to stand by itself
There will be at least 4 branches
The christmas tree is a traditional christmas tree shape
There are attractive decorations on our christmas tress

Our teachers judged our christmas trees on the following criteria: 

Height of tree
Strength of branches
Attractiveness of decorations


  1. morning Kodi ,
    I like how you added the pictures of all the other christmas trees, as well as your groups, I also liked how you added the success criteria, what you needed, and what you needed the tree to do. But maybe you could have added how you made the tree, I remember when my group made a christmas tree,I haven’t wrote about it but I think I will after hearing yours I think I will write about my christmas tree well done.

  2. Hi Kodi,
    I like how you showed us what you need to make a Christmas tree.I remember when the hole hub had to try to make the tallest tree.

  3. Hi Simone,
    I like how your group was one of the winners. Did you know that i did the mid winter Christmas Challenge too


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