Friday, 19 June 2015

Hunter's Holiday House

Here are my stories from my time spent at Kuratau with my Dad and Anita building our Holiday House.


The first thing that I saw being built on the house was the concrete slab. I saw this on Sunday afternoon when we arrived from Auckland. I thought the drive to our holiday house was quite long, it takes 3 hours. We drove down in Anita's car.


Monday morning the film crew turned up at 9am. I had my breakfast, it was Toast and some Apple. After breakfast we went to our section and I meet all of the firm crew and the builders. 
The film crew is three people. Alex who is the producer and also flys the Drone. Marcus who is the Director and Camera Man and Isaac who is the Editor and second Camera man. Isaac is young and lots of fun, I spent time walking around with him and filming with him. 

The frames for the house turned up at 10:30am they were big white pieces of solid wood. They are very heavy, six builders were lifting them and they were strong. 
Four builders at a time stood the frames. The house looked a bit bigger when the frames were stood up. By the end of the day all of the frames were up in our house.

The highlights of my day were; 

Alex letting me fly the drone.
I got to talk to Isaac about Mine Craft.
Alex and I climbed up the large dirt piles and set the camera up on top of it.


On Tuesday morning  everyone got up very early and went to the site. The builders finished screwing the frame together. I walked into my bedroom and bathroom.
Then we came back to Uncle Nathan's Batch and Anita my Dad and I all went down to a section that my dad wanted to buy, but instead he got our section that has more space.
All of the film crew were at the Section that we didn't buy. One of the film crew named Alex let me sit on his knee in his big truck and drive it around the empty sections. It was very hard for me to drive, in the beginning I felt like oh my gosh I can't do this! But then I was determined and he let me drive around a gigantic circle and right next to a gravel road.I was worried I was going to drive over a plant!
Then I got out of the truck and I went with Anita and Alex to see the other two camera men filming my dad Hamish by the water.
After my dad stopped filming, Anita my Dad and I, tried to skip the pieces of Pumice on the large waves. The camera man slow motioned us skipping on the large waves.
After that we got back into the vehicles and drove to the shop and got some cold drinks and the filming crew were a few minutes behind us because they were taking some more shots.
My Dad had a V drink, Anita had Coconut Water and I had a small Sprite.

When we went back to the site, I made a seesaw out of wood, but instead I stacked it up on each other on one of the sides so I would be in the air and I didn't need another person sitting on it.
Then I went and saw Alex and he put me on his feet and hands and I felt like I was flying in the air!
To end the day everyone went to Taurangi for dinner together. I had Chicken Nuggets and Chips.


I woke up and had my breakfast early because at Taupo all of the grass was frozen and even back at the building site there was Ice on the dirt.
I went back to where we were staying after this and watched some Disney XD because it was too cold outside.
Then we packed up our Car and left Taupo and went back to Auckland. It was a three hour drive. When I got back home I had two frozen Ice blocks, because it was too late. Then I had a shower and now I am in bed typing this story.
Anita said it is sleep time now.



  1. I Hope you hade a good time up there Hunter and I would LOVE ( as in L-O-V-E!)
    To go down to Taupo some day!
    And are you telling me that the film crew came and filmed you!

    That is so amazing!
    are you going to be on T.V for a new show or something?

    Good work Hunter!
    Keep up the good work!

    and keep on posting stuff like this cos it is AWSOME!

  2. I like how you have used a diary to recount your experience at the holiday house. The see saw was amazing and a great use of the wood on the building sight

  3. Hi Hunter,I really liked how you were when you meet Alex and the film crew,when you made the seesaw did It go up and down?
    from Daniel B


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