Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Garden Maze

In the place there is a couple of weird shapes. The bushes looks like picture frames and it looks 2D and 4D. It looks like a robot maze. Some of the bushes look like curly, soft green liquorice. It’s really fancy and rich. When the water comes the water explodes from the fountains and all the water is expensive. There are lots of circles and pathways. All together it’s beautiful.

By Kyan 


  1. Kyan, what an awesome piece of writing. I love how you've described all of the different things you can see particularly the part about the curly, soft green liquorice. In fact, it made me a little hungry.

  2. Kyan, I could get a picture in my mind from the words you used to describe this photo, without looking at it.

  3. Kyan, your descriptive language created such a vivid picture in my mind. Great effort, I love seeing you using the determined learner quality in your writing!

  4. Hi Kyan,
    I think Tony Stark is a good actor too because he is awesome at flying. He looks pretty good in the Iron Man suit with red and a little gold with metal steel armor. Great Job Kyan.


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