Friday, 28 March 2014

Descriptive writing

Some of the writers in Hub 2 have been exploring descriptions this week. They have written some very creative character descriptions based on a mysterious envelope...

We were shown this envelope, then had to plan and compose a description what what a Gobi Jerboa was.

Here are some quotes from our descriptions:

"Sometimes if you find it you will think it's a bit ugly but it's cute when you look at it properly" - Amelie

"He has two weird arms that are covered in hair and he grows as fat as a pumpkin." - Amber

"A Gobi Jerboa is a flying snake. It smells like chocolate to attract you because it wants to eat you!" - Jamie 

"It is as soft as a snowy pillow. Sometimes they are as hard as a rock." - Blair

Mrs Panapa came and visited us the next day for a big reveal of what a Gobi Jerboa really was. We couldn't wait! Turns out it looks like this!

I wonder if you can find out any facts about this really interesting animal?

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