Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What a fabulous party!!

We had such a fun party today to celebrate Miss Roberts' wedding on Saturday. She was totally surprised.

Miss Roberts and her fiance, Mr Ruffell, had morning tea with the teachers first, then she came down to Hub 2 and got the shock of her life! Everyone yelled "surprise!" and did a hula dance in a long isle, ending in some clever ukulele players.

Miss Roberts and Mr Ruffell got to sit on some special seats and we gave them our postcards all made into a lovely book.

Then we got the opportunity to ask some questions. We found out lots about her wedding cake!

After that we showed off our dance moves to some Cook Island drumming.

Then Miss Roberts and Mr Ruffell joined in as we played musical statues.

What a great party! We hope Miss Roberts has a beautiful wedding and we look forward to her returning as Mrs Ruffell.


  1. That party was so much fun I hope we get to do it again!!!!

  2. It it was an awesome party!!....kyle


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