Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Describing movie characters.

We have been writing descriptions of characters. We have talked about how we can publish in the best way to suit the audience we want to read our writing. These writers have chosen to publish their writing on the blog.

Here are our success criteria. Do you have any feedback for us?

It has lots of information:
  • ·       Uses most of the senses (looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like, does…)
  • ·       You can imagine this thing easily.

It is interesting to read – it might have lots of detail or it might be funny.
It tells a little mini story about that character.
It has all the capital letters and full stops you need.
It has to have at least one simile.
The information is grouped – what it looks like and what it does.
The  sentences start differently.

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